Mold Remediation in Overland Park

Why You Need Mold Remediation

We talk to customers in Overland Park everyday who are terrified because mold has been found in their home.  They are concerned about the effect it will have on the health of their family, how it will affect their home and the cost of having the mold removed.  The fact that it is so dangerous to the health of you and your family is why you need mold remediation.

Mold can be found anywhere in your home even if you can’t see it. It hides behind wallpaper, underneath your carpet and flooring and in the basements.  Mold is more than a minor problem, it can damage the structure of your home, destroy its value and damage your health.  You can’t afford to NOT have it remediated. 

Mold spores can be found anywhere and everywhere, but when they come into contact with water and grow into a colony, that is when it becomes dangerous.  

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How Mold Spreads in Your Home

There are basically two ways that mold grows and develops in your home.  The first is when mold spores come into your home, find a source of moisture and take hold.  The second is when it is already in your home and it spreads from one part of your home to the next.  No home is free of mold spores but after removing the mold it is important to make sure the conditions that allowed the mold to grow are fixed as well.  Repairing any leaks along with controlling the humidity in your home is necessary to keep mold from returning. 

mold remediation in your home
mold remediation

How Mold is Removed

The source of the mold needs to be dealt with first and foremost, that means if you have a water leak in your home that needs to be fixed first.  Once the source of the moisture has been fixed now it is time to remove all of the mold from your home.  If there are moldy ceiling tiles, carpets, drapes or other fabrics that have mold they need to be disposed of.  The area is treated either a biocide or liquid nitrogen to kill the mold.  We also treat the area with a sealant that will kill mold and prevent further growth.  Once that has been done then it is time for the cleanup process to begin. 

Mold Remediation in Overland Park Ks

You can’t ignore mold in your home, it will continue to grow and endanger your family if the issue isn’t addressed.  Mold will continue to damage the structure of your home and make remediation more complicated and expensive when it is left untreated.  The experts at Overland Park Mold Remediation are happy to come and conduct mold tests and mold inspections and put together a comprehensive plan for mold remediation. 

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