Mold Inspection in Overland Park

Why Get a Mold Inspection

There are several reasons why you may want to get a mold inspection done on your Overland Park home.  Many of our customers come to us when they buy a new home or they notice a strange smell.  Others want an inspection because their asthma symptoms or allergies are getting worse and they begin to wonder if the air quality in the home is as good as it should be.  Sometimes people just want the peace of mind of knowing that their home is safe and healthy for their families. 

Many of our clients call us because they have already seen visible evidence of mold on walls, clothing or furniture and they want to know how extensive the problem it. 

No two situations are exactly the same and we will treat your home with the utmost courtesy and care. 

Mold inspection

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Certified Mold Inspectors

Here at Overland Park Mold Remediation we only work with the best and all of our technicians are highly qualified and equipped with the latest in technology.  Our technicians have moisture meters and thermal cameras, which allows them to detect mold where the naked eye may not be able to see it.  Early and quick detection can help you avoid expensive remediation projects.  We look for areas where moisture is getting into your home and that’s where we start our search for mold spores. 

Mold inspection
finding mold during a mold inspection

Benefits of a Mold Inspection

Mold testing is how we can understand if you have mold in the first place.  Should your home test positive for mold it also lets us know how extensive the problem is and if necessary, we can then move onto mold remediation. Every home has some spores present and that is perfectly normal, we take air samples from outside your home that gives us an idea of what is acceptable.  If we find visible samples of mold we will take a surface sample to identify the source and type of mold.  Black mold, for instance is extremely toxic and immediate action will be necessary.

Get in Touch With Us

We are one of the most trusted names in mold testing in Overland Park, and we built our reputation on customer service.  Customer service is more than just an industry buzzword for us but rather something that we live by.  We believe in treating customers honestly, fairly and doing our job to the best of our abilities.  We are kind of old fashioned in that we put in an honest day’s work at a fair price.

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