About us

About Us

Overland Park Mold Remediation is made up of a team of experts of with decades of experience in detecting and treating mold contamination in both residential and commercial buildings.  We have helped hundreds of homeowners achieve a healthy living environment for their families.  Most people don’t even realize they have mold in their homes until someone gets sick. 

Mold can develop in your home faster than you realize, often in as little as 48 hours after water damage strikes.  That makes early detection and remediation so important.  Our team of certified mold specialists can help you detect and remove mold quickly before it does more damage. 

Our team understands mold, how to find it, test for it and ultimately remove it from your home.  We spend countless hours on training and our staff are meticulously screened for experience and ethics.  We promise to treat each and every home we work in like our own family lived there and we would want them to have the best air quality possible. 


Buildings Remediated

We have successfully removed mold from over 400 buildings across Overland Park. 


Customer Satisfaction

We always put the needs of our customers first, they in turn refer us to friends and family. 


Working Hours

All of our team go through extensive classroom and on the job training,  Keeping us as the experts in the field.

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